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​Editor-in-Chief Journal of Economic Geography


Information, Mobile Communication and Referral Effectswith P. Jia Barwick, Y. Liu and Q. Wu, R&R American Economic Review


Tax Professionals and Tax-Evasion, with M. Battaglini, L. Guiso and C. Lacava, R&R Quarterly Journal of Economics


Endogenous Social Connections in Legislatures, with M. Battaglini and E. Rainone, R&R Review of Economic Studies

Effectiveness of Connected Legislators (2020), American Journal of Political Science, vol. 64, 4, pp.735-1049, Lead Article, with M. Battaglini and V. Leone Sciabolazza, online appendix

Who is the Key Player? A Network Analysis of Juvenile Delinquency (2020)Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, with L. F. Lee, X. Liu and Y. Zenou, profiled by The Economist: Social Networks: Centrality Planning

Multidimensional Diffusion Processes in Dynamic Online Networks (2020), Plos One, 15(2): e0228421, with D.Easley and C.Rojas


Friendship and Female Education: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Bangladeshi Primary Schools (2020), The Economic Journal, 130, 740-764, with Y. Hahn, A. Islam and Y. Zenou

Treatment Effects with Heterogeneous Externalities (2019), Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 38, 826-838, with T. Arduini and E. Rainone

Econet: An R Package for Parameter-dependent Network Centrality Measures, with M. Battaglini, V. Leone Sciabolazza and S. Peng, conditionally accepted Journal of Statistical Software



Abstentions and Social Networks in Congress (2020), with M. Battaglini and V. Leone Sciabolazza


A Graphical Lasso Approach to Estimating Network Connections: The Case of U.S. Lawmakers (2020), with M. Battaglini, F. W. Crawford and S. Peng


Social Groups and the Effectiveness of Protests (2020), with M. Battaglini and R.B. Morton


Professional Interactions and Hiring Decisions: Evidence from the Federal Judiciary (2020), with M. Battaglini and J.Harris, profiled by NBER Digest

Dynamic Social Interactions and Health Risky Behavior (2019), with T. Arduini, A. Bisin and O. Ozgur


Hurricanes, Climate Change Policies and Electoral Accountability (2019), with Stefano Gagliarducci and Daniele M. Paserman


Girls, Boys, and High Achievers (2019), with Angela Cools and Raquel Fernandez, profiled by MarketWatch: Girls who spend more time in class with ‘high-achieving’ boys are less likely to complete a bachelor’s degree, study says


Altruism, Insurance, and Costly Solidarity Commitments (2019), with C. Barrett, V. Nourani and T. Walker

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