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Unveiling Discrimination in Teachers’ Expectations, with M. Carlana and F. Miserocchi 

Personal Connections and Hiring Decisions in the Public Sector, with Tatiana Mocanu


Refining Public Policies with Machine Learning: The Case of Tax Auditing, Revisions requested Journal of Econometrics, with M. Battaglini, L. Guiso, C. Lacava, and D. Miller


Hurricanes, Climate Change Policies, and Electoral Accountability,  Revisions requested American Economic Journal: Economic Policywith Stefano Gagliarducci and Daniele M. Paserman

Spatial Interactions,  Quantitative Economics, accepted, with J. S. Kim, P. M. Picard, and Y. Zenou


Information, Mobile Communication, and Referral EffectsAmerican Economic Review, forthcoming, with P. Jia Barwick, Y. Liu, and Q. Wu, online appendix

Interactions with Powerful Female Colleagues Promote Diversity in Hiring, Journal of Labor Economics, forthcoming, with M. Battaglini and J. Harris, profiled by NBER Digest

Endogenous Social Interactions with Unobserved Networks, Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming, with M. Battaglini and E. Rainone, supplementary appendix

Tax Professionals and Tax-Evasion,   Revisions requested Journal of the European Economic Association, with M. Battaglini, L. Guiso, and C. Lacava


The Asymmetric Gender Effects of High Flyers, Labour Economics, accepted, with Angela Cools and Raquel Fernandez, profiled by Marketwatch: Girls who spend more time in class with ‘high-achieving’ boys are less likely to complete a bachelor’s degree, study says


Experience, Narratives, and Climate Change, with Milena Djourelova, Ruben Durante, and Elliot Motte


Databases for Computational Social Science Research: social connections of US Congress members merged with their legislative effectiveness and characteristics are now available online

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